Presented at: Alpha Nova Kulturwerkstatt & Galerie Futura

Berlin (DE) 2014


A disputed land absorbs its people into one homogeneous mass of flesh.

A wounded and conflicted body, it struggles continuously with its inherent contradictions:

  • Living tissue wrestles with history’s gangrenous narratives,
  • Individual voices cry out against a collective chorus,
  • Victim and victimiser interlock,
  • Becoming one tense muscle spasm.


The body simultaneously seeks separation and unification.

Clinging to the ground, it tries to soar.

Even its movements are neither here nor there:

Are they produced by external forces acting on an inert body,

Or is it the body itself convulsing in a desperate attempt

To free itself from a cycle of violence so old

It might as well be automated?


The installation is made of silicon, fabric, tubing, bone, synthetic hair.

Cinetic operator: Nicolas Guichard and Ysolt Kiss

Sound: Inon Peres

 Foto: Raz Gluzmann and Avi Berg.


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